iPhone Battery Case


Worlds Most Advanced Battery Case for iPhone X/XS -XS MAX – XR


Extreme iPhone battery case

The Neo Power-Extreme™ iPhone battery case gives you extra power when you need it at the push of a button.


160% More Power

The iPhone battery case is engineered with Crystal-Lithium™ Technology and delivers up to 160% extra battery power. This can extend the life of your iPhone for up to a total of 35 hours, more than enough power to get you through your entire day.

Extreme Power

Smart LED Power Indicator

The Smart LED Indicators keep the battery status in your control, The 4 LED Power Indicator–Featuring with the LED battery level indicator, which let you know exactly how much the power is charged or left

High-Speed Lightning Port

The iPhone case features a built-in Ultra High-Speed Lighting connector with NEO-SYNC™ Technology which allows both the iPhone and case to be charged simultaneously with a single cable. The Lighting port is also compatible with data-transfer, listening to music and all standard Apple lightning-cable accessories.

High-Powered Architecture

The Power-Extreme™ iPhone Xs/Max Case features our new patented Crystal-Lithium™ Architecture with a Super-Charged 4000 mAh power capacity for unparalleled performance.

mAh capacity

Secure Grip

The case features a patent pending grip design with high-grip textured edges to keep the iPhone securely in your hand in wet or dry conditions.


A Sculptural Presence

The exemplary balanced form factor is designed to function in harmony with the technological features of the Power-Extreme™ series.

Impact Protection

This slim one-piece case provides two layers of premium protection against drops and scratches. Raised, angled rubber ridges provide a secure, no-slip grip. Engineered to withstand drops of up to 10 feet, these cases have been tested by third-party laboratories to ensure superior protection.

High Powered Ports

12W pass-through charging powers up your iPhone at maximum speed. So whether you’re listening to music or watching videos, using audio navigation or taking calls whilst you charge there’s nothing slowing you down.


Neo Acoustic Engine™

The Power Extreme™ iPhone case features our new NEO-Acoustic Engine™ which digitally amplifies the audio signal without any resulting transmission loss. Unleash the full potential of your headphones and experience the emotional impact of every song as the artist intended.

Engineered Luxury

A sleek contemporary design that embodies everything that Neo believes in: tactile materials, outstanding engineering, advanced protection and modern technology.



Ultimate high-speed performance infused with breathtaking design: the Power-Extreme™ Series effortlessly commands the pole position among premium next-generation battery cases.