iPhone Xs / Max


Boost up your audio performance with the Extreme Audio-Pro™ series. The innovative case features Acoustic-Processing™ Technology and 3.5mm Headphone jack engineered directly into the iPhone Xs/Max case.



The high powered 3.5mm headphones jack is engineered directly into the the base of the iPhone Xs case allowing universal compatibility with all standard 3.5mm headphone models without the use of any additional adapters.

High-Speed Lightning Port

The Audio Pro™ iPhone Xs/Max case features a built-in Ultra High-Speed Lighting port connector for fast charging. The Lighting port is also compatible with data-transfer, listening to music and all standard Apple lightning-cable accessories.

Neo Acoustic Engine™

To achieve ultimate sound reproduction, the NEO-Acoustic Engine™ digitally amplifies the music signal without any resulting transmission loss. Unleash the full potential of your headphones and experience the emotional impact of every song as the artist intended.

Extraordinary Performance

Contemporary and with an emphasis on simplicity, The Audio Pro™ case for iPhone XS/Max features Neo-Flex™ technology which dissipates energy to withstand extreme bumps and drops.


Hybrid-Cooling™ Architecture

The Audio Pro™ features our new patented Hybrid-Cooling™ Architecture which efficiently wicks away excessive heat from the iPhone Xs Max to ensure the device is always running at optimal performance.


A Sculptural Presence

The exemplary balanced form factor is designed to function in harmony with the technological features of the Audio Pro™ series.

Parallel Processing

The dual processing unit allows the lightning and audio ports to be used simultaneously so you can listen to your music and charge the device at the same time.

High Powered Ports

12W pass-through charging powers up your iPhone Xs at maximum speed. So whether you’re listening to music or watching videos, using audio navigation or taking calls whilst you charge there’s nothing slowing you down.


Engineered Luxury

A sleek contemporary design that embodies everything that Extreme believes in: tactile materials, outstanding engineering, advanced protection and modern technology.


Advanced Protection

The slim shock-absorbent bumper is an ultra-efficient material that absorbs and dissipates impact force, stopping that force from passing into your iPhone XS/Max.